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High Level Environmental Maintenance

We employ IRATA trained abseilers with full Arboricultural (NPTC) qualifications to enable them to carry out the following tasks:

  • The removal of ivy and other plants from buildings, bridges and other structures.
  • Care and maintenance of trees located within atriums and
  • Vegetation clearance in road/rail cuttings and steep embankments.
  • Herbicide spraying and application.

Offering a cost effective solution to environmental  management where access is either difficult or restricted.


Skyline Rope Access has a wealth of experience in geotechnical work, especially where steep slopes or rock faces are involved.

Roped access teams can operate more efficiently & safer than any other access method, offering a significantly lower cost alternative to conventional access methods. Skyline Rope Access has expertise in:w De-scaling of rock outcrops & cliffs w Installation of soil nails & rock anchors

  • Installation & repair of rock fall protection netting
  • The installation of advanced avalanche protection systems
  • The installation of bio netting & erosion protection netting
  • The installation of Geoweb & other cellular confinement systems

Skyline Rope Access provides a single source service for all geotechnical solutions to minimise project management costs & to ensure that projects are completed safely

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