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High Level Inspection

Skyline Rope Access Ltd employ qualified and experienced engineers who are able to undertake inspections of steep embankments, cuttings, rock & cliff faces or structures ranging from high rise housing & office blocks, bridges, towers, masts & chimneys to chambers, shafts & tunnels where confined spaces may pose a hazard. Levels of inspection available include:

  • Simple Visual
  • Safety & Quality
  • Full in-depth Condition

Safety & quality surveys will determine whether the fabric of a structure is in a safe & secure condition or can check the quality of workmanship on new & refurbished buildings.

For full in-depth condition survey’s the data collected is collated in a concise & readable report, with schedules of any defects supplemented by photographs & location drawings if required.

This provides a comprehensive picture of the type and location of significant defects both quickly & safely with the minimum disruption so that you can determine the most appropriate & cost effective strategy.

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